Most looked like fakes


WhatsApp has been criticized for its inability to track the spread of fake news on the platform. But the company itself fell victim to fake news after it was announced that the use of WhatsApp would be restricted in India overnight as part of a new policy by the Narendra Mod government. These messages were actually triggered after WhatsApp was shut down on the night of July 3rd. (Photo: Company website against women. However, it was a counterfeit because the government had not done so and section 233 already exists, but it applies to sanctions for counterfeit coins.

American actor and comedian

Tim Allen said U.S. President Donald Trump’s promised wall against the Mexican border will cost less than former U.S. President Barack Obama’s Obamacare. This quote was also shared by Trump’s son Eric and would have been good publicity for the government. Except that another Tim Allen had made the claim and several news sites had taken the lead in rejecting it.


The bill on citizenship grants from both parliaments has provoked protests across the country. While demonstrations were being held in Mumbai, the photo showed huge crowds circling on social media. According to the division, the audience had gathered to protest against the CAB in Mumbai. However, it turned out that the picture came from Eid parades in Bangladesh.

Nominal value

Rumors spread that a Rs 2,000 banknote would be banned and that Rs 1,000 bills would be reissued. “After December 31, 2019, you will not be able to change your Rs 2000 notes,” reads the official WhatsApp message. However, this is not the case, as the Information Office (PIB) later emphasized. .

We had heard of the Indian national anthem, which was declared the best anthem by the UN (still fake news, if you wonder), but that Bengali had to be explained because London’s second language was new but also a fake. This happened after a Facebook page shared a link to its own article where this was said.

In the midst of the saga of forming the government of Maharashtra, as Maha Vika’s Aghadi Shiv Sena, NCP, and Congress began to take shape, rumors began to spread that Sena’s supremacy Bal Thackeray’s sister is the mother of Lok Sabha MP and NCP chief Sharad Pawar. daughter, Supriya Sule. In a maze of families like the politics of Maharashtra, it was natural that one was confused in all things and was convinced of this very news. However, it turned out to be untrue.

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