Manipulate news

Many people publish articles on social media after reading the title but without reading the full text. Placing a misleading headline in real news is one of the most common false news techniques.

Removing quotation marks from context is another common trick.

For example, in December 2016, the Russian media reported that the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has accused the EU of fraud. Russia’s official news agency RIA Novosti, Vesti and contained stories that Ukraine suspected the EU of intrigue and even treason.

They quoted an interview with Ukraine’s Deputy Minister for European Integration Olena Zerkal Financial Times:

Gives a real opinion

As you read the article, ask yourself: Is it a fact or an opinion of others?

Some Russian media said Turkey should be separated from NATO in November 2015. “Turkey should not be a member of NATO; it should be separated from the alliance. This was announced by the retired Major General and Senior Army of the US Army. Fox analyst news Paul Vallely. ”

In fact,, a retired officer, cannot speak for NATO or its members. Vallely criticizes U.S. policy and then U.S. President Barack Obama. Obama had expressed his support for Turkey.

False fact

An article in Russia Today reported on Jews fleeing Kiev due to anti-Semitism in Ukraine’s new government, referring to Rabbi Mikhail Kapustin.

But the Basic Search showed that he was not a Rabbi of the Kiev Synagogue, but a rabbi of Krabi Krabi. Demanding the defense of both Ukraine and Crimea from Russia, he fled Crimea because of the new Russian government, they.

Present fully customized information as facts

Basic searches can reveal the falsification of certain claims. A prominent example in Ukraine was the suspect “crucified boy”. But there was no evidence of a female allegation made on the Kremlin’s official TV channel One in 2014. She turned out to be the wife of a pro-Russian militant.

Many reports of the so-called. IS exercises in Ukraine appeared in the Spanish-language media in 2017, but advanced Google searches showed no evidence of this, they. False new factors also try to manipulate quotes or even produce them.

Former Facebook vice president Jeff Rothschild has called for “World War III to destroy 90 percent of the world’s population.” But the alleged quote, first found on the Anarchadia blog, had no basis at all according to the actual checkpoint.

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